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version 0.16 29-03-2006

ep.binSpat~ is an msp object (abstraction) that handles binaural spatialization for use with headphones through the use of hrtf's. It can virtualy position a monoaural source on a horizontal plane 360 degrees around the listeners head by dynamic control of two parameters: direction and distance. It doesn't control vertical positioning.

Thanx to soundHack for sampling the HRIR's.
Some theory info:
Only tested on OSX 10.4.4 with MaxMSP version 4.5.6. Heard from others that it works on OS9 and Windows XP too, though.

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Edo Paulus.

Also: no garantees or anything, use at own risk.
version info:
version 0.15: less cpu-intensive.
version 0.12: first version.

older versions